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Fra Bartolommeo (1472-1517) (attributed to) - The Madonna and Child with Saint John - NG1694 - National Gallery


Fra Bartolommeo (1472-1517) (attributed to) - The Madonna and Child with Saint John - NG1694 - National Gallery



Madonna and Child 

Public domain photograph of 16th-century Italian painting, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Fra Bartolomeo or Bartolommeo (1472–1517) also known as Bartolommeo di Pagholo, Bartolommeo di S. Marco, and his original name Baccio della Porta, was an Italian Renaissance painter of religious subjects. He spent all his career in Florence until his mid-forties, when he traveled to work in various cities, as far south as Rome. He trained with Cosimo Roselli and in the 1490s fell under the influence of Savonarola, which led him to become a Dominican friar in 1500, renouncing painting for several years.

Fra Bartolommeo was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance. Born in Florence in 1472, he became a Dominican friar at the age of 22. He studied under the painter Cosimo Rosselli and later worked with Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. Fra Bartolommeo is known for his religious paintings, often depicting scenes from the life of Christ or the Virgin Mary. His style was characterised by a sense of harmony and balance, with an emphasis on the beauty of the human form. He also incorporated elements of classical art, such as symmetry and idealised proportions. Fra Bartolommeo's most famous works include the altarpiece The Vision of St Bernard and the fresco The Last Judgement in the Florentine church of Santa Maria Nuova. He died in 1517 at the age of 45.





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