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Fox Theater, Seventh Avenue & Olive Way, Seattle, King County, WA

Fox Theater, Seventh Avenue & Olive Way, Seattle, King County, WA



Significance: The Music Hall Theatre in Seattle was an outstanding example of the golden age of the American picture palace. Designed in an eclectic Spanish Renaissance idiom, the theatre was considered the finest work of locally prominent architect Sherwood D. Ford. Sculptural cast-stone ornament distinguished the exterior of the building, while illusionary spaces and rich, faux-bois finished characterized its interior. From its opening in 1929 until its final closure in 1988, the Music Hall served variously as a movie house and a legitimate theatre, retaining all the while a remarkable degree of physical integrity. The Music Hall was one of five surviving theatres of the picture palace era in downtown Seattle at the time of its demolition in the winter of 1991-1992.
Survey number: HABS WA-197
Building/structure dates: 1929 Initial Construction
Building/structure dates: 1992 Demolished

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Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Ford, Sherwood Demier
Maul, David, transmitter




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