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Fourth Street looking South from Olive Street

Fourth Street looking South from Olive Street



A view of Fourth Street, looking south from Olive Street. A large domed-building can be seen in the background of a line of commercial buildings down Fourth Street. One structure is labeled with a sign in front of it which reads "Ticket Office 49" and has a few boards and crates before it on the sidewalk. Advertisements on its walls indicates that it is the "Chicago and Alton Ticket Office" and that they offer a "direct road" to Chicago, and trips to New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, and Niagara Falls. Many horses and carriages line the streets, as well as a few people and streetlamps. One building along the street is labeled "T.J. Albrightson" and "Billiard Saloon", and another has signs indicating that it offers engraving, music, and pianos.Title: Fourth Street looking South from Olive Street.





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