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Fort McCoy, Building No. T-2311, 250' West of Building No. T-2339, Sparta, Monroe County, WI

Fort McCoy, Building No. T-2311, 250' West of Building No. T-2339, Sparta, Monroe County, WI



Significance: According to records maintained at Fort McCoy, Building T-2311 is the only Lavatory, Type L-D-T constructed during the mobilization effort for World War II. Just prior to the beginning of the war, the idea of the free-standing latrine or lavatory (which had been used in previous mobilization efforts) was being replaced in favor of lavatories located within the confines of barracks, and other building types as well. However, due to the highly restrictive nature of the Stockade Area and the requirements of close surveillance, it is not unusual to find the construction of two free-standing lavatories there. The other example being Building T-2310 (HABS NO. WI-308-FR), a Type L-7 Lavatory. The Stockade Area was a secured area for soldiers who were being detained as the result of violations of military law. The construction of Building T-2311 was part of a massive, nation-wide mobilization program designed to build cantonments in which to house and train the expanded World War II Army. The 800 Series, and the 700 Series that preceded it, was a comprehensive set of drawings which could be used interchangeably in creating the various building types. War mobilization buildings are significant for their construction and technological innovation. Techniques such as the standardization of plans, prefabrication of units, and assembly-line approach to construction were largely pioneered in the construction of these mobilization structures.
Survey number: HABS WI-308-FS
Building/structure dates: 1942 Initial Construction



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator


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