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Rudolf von Ems - fol. 237v manuscript


Rudolf von Ems - fol. 237v manuscript



Public domain scan of a medieval manuscript, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description.

Rudolf von Ems was a medieval German poet and writer who lived in the 13th century. He was born around 1200, but little is known about his life. He is believed to have been a member of the nobility and may have served as a court poet for various rulers. Rudolf of Ems is best known for his epic poems and romances, which were popular in the Middle Ages. His works often dealt with themes of chivalry, courtly love and Christian morality. His most famous work is "Barlaam and Josaphat", a retelling of a Buddhist legend that became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. In addition to his poetry, Rudolf von Ems also wrote prose, including translations of French romances and historical chronicles. He was considered one of the leading writers of his time and his works were widely read and admired. Rudolf of Ems died in 1254, but his legacy as a poet and writer has endured. His works continue to be studied and appreciated by scholars and readers alike.



1402 - 1402


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