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First meeting of NACA in 1915

First meeting of NACA in 1915



Description: The first meeting of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in the Office of The Secretary Of War April 23, 1915. Brig. Gen. George P. Scriven was elected as the temporary Chairman of the NACA and Dr. Charles D. Walcott (not pictured), Secretary of the Smithsonian, was elected Chairman of the NACA Executive Committee. ..After the Wright Brothers' historic first flight in 1903, the United States began to fall behind in aeronautical research. With the beginning of World War I, the nation realized it needed a center for aeronautical research as a means of catching up technologically with Europe. ..On March 3, 1915 the legislation creating the NACA passed and the NACA was born. For 43 years the NACA worked to advance aviation research until it was eventually absorbed into the new space agency, NASA, in 1958. Seated from left to right: Dr. William Durand, Stanford University, California. Dr. S.W. Stratton, Director, Bureau of Standards. Brig.Gen. George P. Scriven, Chief Signal Officer, War Dept. Dr. C.F. Marvin, Chief, United States Weather Bureau Dr. Michael I Pupin, Columbia University, New York. Standing: Holden C. Richardson, Naval Instructor. Dr. John F. Hayford, Northwestern University, Illinois. Capt. Mark L. Bristol, Director of Naval Aeronautics. Lt. Col. Samuel Reber, Signal Corps. Charge, Aviation Section Also present at the First Meeting: Dr. Joseph S. Ames, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. Hon. B. R. Newton, Asst. Secretary of Treasury...Center: AMES .Image # : A-6786

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