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Fictional rambles in and about Boston (1902) (14764593615)


Fictional rambles in and about Boston (1902) (14764593615)



Identifier: fictionalrambles1902prin (find matches)
Title: Fictional rambles in & about Boston
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Prindle, Frances Carruth, b. 1867
Publisher: New York, McClure, Phillips and company
Contributing Library: Boston College Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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tlessand excited, Lionel found himself issuing uponthe open space that is tenanted by the dead. On this eminence the Eno-lish o-eneral hadcaused a battery of heavy cannon to be raised,and Lionel, unwilling to encounter the chal-lenge of the sentinels, inclining a little to oneside, proceeded to the brow of the hill, andseating himself on a stone, began to musedeeply on his own fortunes and the situationof the country. . . . The stillness of midnightrested on the scene, and when the loud calls ofalls well ascended from the ships and batter-ies, the momentary cry was succeeded by a quietas deep as if the universe slumbered under thisassurance of safety. From this elevation, withClinton and Burgoyne, Lionel watched througha spy-glass the fighting at Bunker Hill — toldby the novelist in so graphic and pictorial a man-ner that Bancroft, the historian, says it is thefinest description of the battle we have. In these days there was an unobstructedview of Charlestown, and the whole scene of
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H z S P IN AND ABOUT BOS T O N the bloody struggle lay before these men, who,in the beginning, thought it a glorious spectaclebut quickly began to realize that the incessantroll of the American musketry was somethingto be respected, nay feared ; and when, as theconflict proceeded the result was known, thebewildered group on Copps gazed in eachothers faces with undisguised amazement, andthen made a mad rush down the hill to theshore and a boat which they ordered to quicklyconvey them to the scenes of operations. Toappreciate the sensation of Major Lincoln andhis brother officers of that momentous day cnemust turn to the sixteenth chapter of Lionel Lin-coln which alone would have given Cooper fame.A stones throw from Copps Hill, at thecorner of Prince and Margaret Streets, standsthe home of Master John Tileston (BynnersZachary Phips). Time has laid its destruc-tive hand on the old house, which, neverthe-less, holds its own as one of the few remainingexamples of the simple architecture o





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fictional rambles in and about boston 1902
fictional rambles in and about boston 1902