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Fantastic novels 194811


Fantastic novels 194811



Fantastic Novels, November 1948

Fantastic Novels was a pulp magazine published from 1940 to 1941. It was produced by the same publishers as Amazing Stories and was intended as a companion publication. The magazine featured science fiction and fantasy stories, as well as some horror and adventure stories. Some of the notable authors who contributed to Fantastic Novels included Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch and Henry Kuttner. Despite its short run, the magazine had a significant impact on the genre and helped popularise science fiction and fantasy in the United States.

Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) was an American illustrator of pulp fantasy, science fiction and horror. Considered one of the greatest illustrators of the 20th century, he produced over 2,600 illustrations during his career. His work appeared in numerous magazines, including Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries. Finlay was known for his intricate pen-and-ink drawings and his use of stippling and cross-hatching techniques to create rich textures and shading. He also experimented with mixed media, incorporating watercolour and gouache into his illustrations. Finlay's work influenced many contemporary artists and continues to be celebrated for its unique style and attention to detail.





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