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Exterior view of the Fischer Vaudeville Theater (now City Hall), between Main Street and Spring Street, ca.1905 (CHS-5124)


Exterior view of the Fischer Vaudeville Theater (now City Hall), between Main Street and Spring Street, ca.1905 (CHS-5124)



Exterior view of the Fischer Vaudeville Theater (now City Hall), between Main Street and Spring Street, ca.1905
Photograph of the exterior view of the Fischer Vaudeville Theater (now City Hall), north side of 1st Street, between Main Street and Spring Street, ca.1905. The theatre is about two-stories tall. Just above the first floor is the name "Fischer's Theatre" in lights. Above the roof is the name "Vaudeville, 10 & 20" in lights. The second floor has four windows with a decorative multifoils arch above them. The first floor has two doorways flanking the center booth. A set of stairs leading to the second floor can be found to the right of the building. A lamppost on the sidewalk prominently displays the theater's name and current showing.; Legible signs include: "Vaudeville, 10 & 20", "Fischer's Theatre", "[...]na, [...]ery, [...]rant", "[...]icolas", "$10, 3 for $25", "[spe]cialty", "A [...] moral family"..., "produced by our all star Stock Co.", "Woods & Woods", "Alat Carr", "new moving pictures", "next [week] [...]", "[...]ins, pippens", "Opti[...], Havana, for 25AC/, 10AC/ st[...]", "clam chowder, baked fish, broiled beef horsera[dish]", "lamb curry & rice", "codfish & cream", "lamb curry & rice", "maccaroni & cheese", "roast beef & mutton", "First Street bet. Main and Spring, E.A. Fischer, proprietor, Harry James, director, commencing Monday, Sep. 11, 'A Warm Reception', everything new!, new songs!, a screaming farce in one act, 3, new Vaudeville act, matinees, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, prices 10AC/, 20AC/, reserved seats 25AC/, better than the best!".
Call number: CHS-5124
Legacy record ID: chs-m1436; USC-1-1-1-1481
Filename: CHS-5124
Coverage date: circa 1905
Part of collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960
Type: images
Geographic subject (city or populated place): Los Angeles
Repository name: USC Libraries Special Collections
Accession number: 5124
Microfiche number: 1-63-
Archival file: chs_Volume27/CHS-5124.tiff
Part of subcollection: Title Insurance and Trust, and C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960
Repository address: Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189
Geographic subject (country): USA
Format (aacr2): 3 photographs : glass photonegative, photonegatives, b&w ; 26 x 21 cm., 13 x 10 cm.
Rights: Digitally reproduced by the USC Digital Library; From the California Historical Society Collection at the University of Southern California
Subject (adlf): buildings
Project: USC
Repository email: [email protected]
Contributing entity: California Historical Society
Date created: circa 1905
Publisher (of the digital version): University of Southern California. Libraries
Format (aat): negatives (photographic); photographs
Geographic subject (state): California
Subject (file heading): Los Angeles -- Architecture -- Commercial -- Theaters -- General
Format: glass plate negatives
Access conditions: Send requests to address or e-mail given. Phone (213) 821-2366; fax (213) 740-2343.
Geographic subject (county): Los Angeles
Geographic subject (roadway): First Street, north side between Main & Spring; Main Street; Spring Street
Subject (lcsh): Theaters; Vaudeville
Subject: Fischer's Theater; Public Buildings #1





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