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European history - an outline of its development (1899) (14782265564)


European history - an outline of its development (1899) (14782265564)



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Title: European history : an outline of its development
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Adams, George Burton, 1851-1925
Publisher: New York London : The Macmillan Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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early civilization in Egypt. Charac-teristics of the early, middle, and later periods of Egyptian history.The connection of Egypt with Greece. The records of the Egyptians.Their religion. The second of the great Oriental states. The recordsand the civilization of the Assyrians. Early Hebrew history. Thegreat period of the Hebrew monarchy. Its quick decline. The He- i6 TJie Oriental Nations (§io brew religion and religious literature. In what ways are we indebtedto the Phcenicians? The first great Aryan empire. Its relations withEurope. Its civilization and religion. Topics for Assigned Studies The primitive weaver. Mason, Womans Share in Primitive Culture, Chap. III.The houses of the primitive Indo-Europeans. Jevons translation of Schrader, Chap. IX.Egyptian ideas of the future life. Maspero, Dawn of Civilization, pp. 182-200.The private life of an Assyrian. Maspero, Life in Ancient Egypt and Assyria, Chap. XII.Early Germanic weapons. Du Chaillu, I/ie Viking Age, Vol. II., Chap. VI.
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Necropolis of Darius near Persepolis PART II THE GREEK PERIOD Books for Reference and Further Reading Gxoit, History of Greece. 12 vols. (Harper; ^18.00.) Cmims, History of Greece. 5 vols. (Scribners; ^10.00.) The stand-ard histories. Very full and supplementing one another in manyways. Holm, History of Greece. 4 vols. (Macmillan; $10.00.) To thecompletion of the Roman conquest. Translation from the Ger-man. The most recent detailed history in English. Very satis-factory on the political side, and with very full bibliographicalreferences. Beloch, Griechisclie Geschichte. 2 vols. (Triibner; Strasburg; Marks16.50.) Very good on the economic history. Cox, History of Greece. (Harper; #1.25.) Probably the best one-volume history. Reber, History of Ancient Art. (Harper; #3.50.) Illustrated. Allancient art from Egypt to Rome. ^lmvz.y, Classical Greek Literature. (Appleton; $1.50.) Mahaffy, History of Classical Greek Literature. 2 vols. (Macmillan;$4.50.)—Social LJfe in Greece. (Macmillan;





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