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Eugen Bracht - Stürmischer Tag (1920)


Eugen Bracht - Stürmischer Tag (1920)



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Despite these successes, Eugen Bracht was still not satisfied with his artistic work and was constantly looking for new approaches and forms of representation. A planned move to Paris was prevented at the last moment by Anton von Werner, who found Bracht a position at the Berlin Art Academy. In Berlin, together with Anton von Werner, he created one of his most famous works, the panorama painting Battle of Sedan, which won the admiration of the emperor. In addition to painting, Bracht was an enthusiastic palaeontologist and amassed an extensive collection of Stone Age tools. Eugen Bracht received prizes and awards for his work, including the Golden Medal of Merit for Art and Science from the Grand Duke of Hesse in 1912. His turn towards modernism eventually led to a break with the traditionalists and the loss of his Berlin position. From then on he taught landscape painting at the Dresden Art Academy, and his students included Franz Korwan, Paul Mishel, Artur Henne and Hans Hartig. He spent his twilight years in Darmstadt, his adopted home, where his tomb can also be visited.





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