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Escape, Leinster, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


Escape, Leinster, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland



At the start of the Irish Civil War in 1922, the Battle of Dublin took place from 28 June to 5 July. This photo shows guests finally making their escape from the The Edinburgh Hotel at 56 Upper Sackville Street, now O'Connell Street. The Edinburgh Hotel was a temperance hotel, meaning that the beleaguered guests couldn't even resort to alcohol during their confinement!..The following report is taken from the Irish Times on Thursday, 6 July 1922:."The Edinburgh Hotel, on the west side of Sackville street [now O'Connell Street], occupied a precarious position during the operations in that thoroughfare. Nevertheless, throughout the week about a dozen guests, with the staff, numbering as many more, remained in the building..Yesterday afternoon, when the hotel took fire, they were at last obliged to leave after they had been warned by the firemen of their danger..The small party, carrying various items of luggage, appeared at the front door, and, under a white flag, turned down towards the Nelson Pillar. They were at once turned into Henry street, where they were less exposed to fire, and when the troops were satisfied as to their bona fides, they were directed to go along towards Mary street, where they were held up. A newspaper representative who happened to be near took charge of the party, and explained their plight to the soldiers, who allowed them to pass through. They ultimately made their way to other hotels."..Date: Wednesday, 5 July 1922..NLI Ref.: HOGW 27 ( vtls000279073 )



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