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Erotic photography - Endocrinology (1917) (14803857273)


Erotic photography - Endocrinology (1917) (14803857273)



Identifier: endocrinology07asso (find matches)
Title: Endocrinology
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Association for the Study of Internal Secretions (U.S.) Endocrine Society
Subjects: Endocrinology Endocrinology
Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : Association for the Study of Internal Secretions
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

Text Appearing Before Image:
eart is not enlarged, but wellmarked systolic murmur is everywhere audible even in axilla, probablyfunctional; unusual bradycardia—56 is noted. Genitalia: No pubichair; penis perhaps a little small, redundant prepuce; left testis ininguinal canal; right testicle in upper part of sciotum, but outsideexternal ring; prostate not palpable (Doctor L. P. Player, Urologist). LISSER 233 Mental Age (Binet-Simon) : 9 years, no retardation. Urine: Normal. X-ray: Plates of Hands—normal for age; Plates of Skull—sella,seems normal, but convolutional markings are rather prominent;sphenoidal angle—IjO degrees. Electrocardiogram: Unsatisfactory. Child was very restless andafraid of machine, so that heart rate was 75. Operation November 27, 1921, by Dr. Player. Testicles broughtdown into scrotal sac. January 6, 1!)22: Much less euresis since operation and greatlydecreased frequency of urination. Treatment begun with anterior lobe Pituitary (Armour), gr. 15daily. March 17, 1922: No more euresis.
Text Appearing After Image:
C.4SE No. 2 (Private case). J. B., boy, aged 14. Hypopituitarism,Levi-Lorain type, Associated with Mental Retardation and Absence ofthe Prostate. History: Two brothers, aged 3 and 7, very well, big, strong androbust. The 7 year old brother was as large as the patient andweighed more. There are two normal sisters, aged 16 and 17. Thepatient was very difficult to rear. All manner of milk preparationswere tried; finally successful with goats milk. Walked when notquite two years. Did not really talk until three years of age. Measlesat age of 3; whooping cough at 6; influenza at 12; scarlet fever at 13.He was a nervous child; absolutely lacking in mathematical sense; was 234 ABSENCE OF PROSTATE AND ENDOCRINES in the fourth grade in school. He had a good disposition; could notconcentrate; played actively; no sign of puberty. Examination: Height, 55 inches; weight, 59% pounds; the boyis knock-kneed; he has prominent scapulae; flat feet; marked scoliosis;prominent ears; thin, narrow, funnel-s





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