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Emma-ch38A (III,2)


Emma-ch38A (III,2)



Français : Première illustration du chapitre 2 du tome 3, dans l'édition d'"Emma" de Jane Austen chez Macmillan . Miss Bates et Miss Fairfax entrent dans la salle de bal, accompagnées de Mr Weston et de son fils, accompagné du bavardage incessant de Miss Bates qui clame son admiration devant la transformation de la salle de la Couronne.English: First plate for ch. 38 in "Emma" by Jane Austen: Miss Bates and Miss Fairfax, escorted by Mr Weston and Franck Churchill, walked into the room; and Mrs. Elton seemed to think it as much her duty as Mrs. Weston's to receive them. But her words, every body's words, were soon lost under the incessant flow of Miss Bates, who came in talking, and had not finished her speech under many minutes after her being admitted into the circle at the fire: " Well! This is brilliant indeed! This is admirable!"

Jane Austen (1775—1817), the world renowned English author, completed just six works during her time and yet manages to command a legion of fans around the world. Her timeless stories have been turned into a plethora of movies, television shows, and modern adaptations in addition to being translated into multiple languages to cross cultural boundaries. Today she remains as popular as ever and is revered as much as any literary figure in the history of the English language.





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