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Emma-ch28 (II-10)


Emma-ch28 (II-10)



Français : Deuxième illustration pour le chapitre 10 du tome 2 : Mr Knightley, à cheval, demande à Miss Bates, qui a ouvert une fenêtre en le voyant passer (en fait pour lui demander de monter, car elle a des invités), si elle a besoin de quelque chose, puisqu'il va à Kingston, mais, puis qu'il se dit pressé, elle le retient seulement pour le remercier d'avoir fait apporter un panier de pommes pour sa chère nièce, Jane Fairfax.English: Second plate in ch. 28 of Macmillan's edition for "Emma" by Jane Austen: "Miss Bates was in the adjoining chamber while she still spoke, and opening the casement there, immediately called Mr Knightley's attention, and every syllable of their conversation was as distinctly heard by the others, as if it had passed within the same apartment [..] "Oh, Mr Knightley, one moment more".

Jane Austen (1775—1817), the world renowned English author, completed just six works during her time and yet manages to command a legion of fans around the world. Her timeless stories have been turned into a plethora of movies, television shows, and modern adaptations in addition to being translated into multiple languages to cross cultural boundaries. Today she remains as popular as ever and is revered as much as any literary figure in the history of the English language.





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