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El niño afortunado; El grillito valeroso

El niño afortunado; El grillito valeroso



Two un-cut sheets for two chapbooks, each containing a children's story eight pages long. The eight pages for each of these two stories are divided between the two uncut printed sheets. The two sheets contain illustrations and text for the two short stories. For "The fortunate child" there are three illustrations: a boy encountering a magician, a boy in a hot air balloon, and two men in a row boat--the text concerns a gifted adolescent who is put through different trials by a magician and a king. He is born with the gift of invincibility because he was born on his feet. He overcomes obstacles and impossible situations. He arrives at a palace in a balloon after his trials and gains the hand of a princess and great riches. In "The brave cricket" there are three illustrations: a family of crickets, a cricket and a beetle dueling, and two crickets greeting each other--the text concerns the love between two young crickets and the unwelcome advances towards the female cricket by a beetle. There is a duel over who should be the female cricket's boyfriend. The young male cricket is victorious and kills the beetle.
Bequest and gift; Caroline and Erwin Swann; 1977; (DLC/PP-1977:215.555,556).
Forms part of: Caroline and Erwin Swann collection of caricature and cartoon (Library of Congress).





Antonio Vanegas Arroyo (Firm), publisher
Posada, José Guadalupe, 1852-1913, artist


Mexico City (Mexico)19.43417, -99.13861
Google Map of 19.434166666666666, -99.13861111111112


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