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Eight journeys abroad (1917) (14766619075)


Eight journeys abroad (1917) (14766619075)



Identifier: eightjourneysabr00rose (find matches)
Title: Eight journeys abroad
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Rosengarten, Mary D. Richardson, 1846-1913 Rosengarten, Frank H
Subjects: Europe -- Description and travel Algeria -- Description and travel Palestine -- Description and travel Egypt -- Description and travel
Publisher: Philadelphia : printed for private circulation by J.B. Lippincott Co.
Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries
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CHATEAU DE ROCHAMBEAU, VENDOME America. I told them they must certainly come over nextyear and we would do all we could for her. The second sonhad to come to Paris in the afternoon, so we travelled togetheras far as Voves. We went in a private omnibus, with our bag-gage on top, to Vendome, and the Marquis took me throughthe cathedral and showed me all the sights. They have be-hind their house a hill which is riddled with caves, formerdwellings of a race called the cave dwellers. They havebeen like that 3000 years! We noticed all through the Tour-aine from Tours all along the Loire, the hills pierced with holes.They make use of them now to store things and as stables,and even as dwellings. Mme. has built a handsome chapel and they have Mass twice a week. 217 EIGHT JOURNEYS ABROAD
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218 FRANCE They had so much to say about Joe and Fanny and praisedthem to the skies, and hoped they would certainly see themover here and sent all sorts of messages to them. They alsosent their greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Childs and spoke of theDrexels. The whole family saw us off and the Marquis allthe way to Vendome and put us in the train. The son wasvery nice in the train. They all raved over Lauras picture,which I happened to have with me. They all said it was all bosh about cholera in Paris, andwe find it full of Americans. We spent last night in Chartres

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