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Edward S. Curtis Collection People 082


Edward S. Curtis Collection People 082



Hrvatski: Vodonoše.

Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) was an American photographer and ethnologist, best known for his extensive documentation of Native American cultures. He spent over 30 years travelling throughout North America, photographing and recording the customs, traditions and beliefs of numerous tribes. Curtis was born in Wisconsin and raised in Minnesota. He became interested in photography at a young age and began working as a photographer's apprentice in his teens. In 1895 he moved to Seattle and opened his own photographic studio. In 1900, Curtis was commissioned by the wealthy financier J.P. Morgan to document the Native American tribes of the West. This project, which became known as The North American Indian, consumed Curtis's life for the next three decades. Using a large-format camera and glass plate negatives, Curtis captured images of Native Americans in their traditional dress and surroundings. He also recorded their songs, stories and languages on wax cylinders. The resulting collection of photographs and recordings is considered one of the most important records of Native American culture ever created. Despite its importance, The North American Indian was not a commercial success during Curtis's lifetime. He struggled financially throughout his career and died in relative obscurity. However, his work has since been recognised as a valuable contribution to American history and culture.





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