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Early Russian 220503-03 | Footage Farm

Early Russian 220503-03 | Footage Farm



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[1911 - Grape Harvest; Russia Cavalry; German Celebration; Italian-Turkish War; Train Wreck; Spanish Diplomats; French Military Skiing; Storms; NYC Fire]
Russian Main title & inter-title: Bessarabia, Moldavia - October, 1911 - collecting grapes in Vineyards of French colony.
09:10:17 Pan grape pickers & farmer in field. MCU woman picking large bunch of grapes; eating & laughing.
09:10:55 Russian inter-title: Irkutsk, Siberia - Exercises of the garrison troops.
09:10:59 Russian Cavalry riding up road past camera looking out over valley; firing artillery. MS officers standing watching or ??
09:11:27 Russian inter-title: Trier, Germany Procession commemorating 100th anniversary of Empress Augustine.
09:11:33 High angle of parade past crowd, troops in historical costumes; current, 1910s military units.
09:12:07 Russian inter-title: Italian-Turkish war - unloading artillery. Ships in Libya harbor. Soldiers move wagons over floating bridge or pier, horses wade ashore & on beach.
09:12:34 Russian inter-title: Arrival of General Caneva & Rear Admiral Borea Ricci.
09:12:38 Riding thru Tripoli, Libya North African Arab street in carriages & passing camera.
09:12:49 Russian main title & text title: Home of poet Shevchenko.
09:12:55 CU Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko (1814 - 1861) painting w/ imposing eyes. Pan thatched cottage to large mound w/ ornate memorial cross on top. CU of base w/ carving.
09:13:21 Russian inter-title: Mail train crashes on Rimskaya railway 9Feb1911.
09:13:29 Men, women & military beside heavily burned railroad car in snow.
09:13:35 Title: "People load their goods on train heading for Perm". Frozen bundles loaded into box car.
09:13:57 Russian inter-title: Paris - The Marques Soreno & Spanish diplomats ride in a water taxi.
09:14:01 Men on boat leaving past houses along Seine riverbank, towards bridge; view of fast motorboat towards camera & past up-river several times w/ much exhaust smoke. Arrival. GOOD.
09:14:25 Russian inter-title: France - Ski exercises by 152nd division.
09:14:29 Officers on horseback past troops lining street in rain. Civilian & military VIPs pose outside large building. Troops ski down hill from camera. VIPs arrive railroad station platform (brief).
09:14:53 Russian inter-title: Italy- Salerno? - Results of terrible storms. Large waves break on stone wall.
09:15:13 Russian inter-title: Fire in New York. Firemen hose smoking rubble of large brick building. People running along railroad tracks toward wall of heavy black smoke.
1911; 1910s; Agriculture Harvest; Military Ceremony; Transportation; Fires; Weather; Pre-WWI; Pre-WW1;
NOTE: NOT Triangle Shirtwaist fire. Italian-Turkish War 29Sep11 - 18Oct12.



1914 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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