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Early Russia / Germany / European Royalty
World War One - troops in trenches, explosions, reconstruction battle German and Russian troops. Dead in mud filled trenches.
1917 Riots in Germany, dead civilian on ground, carried away in blanket. KPD. German troops. Famine in Germany, people get food handouts from Government.
9. November 1918 Proclamation of Weimar Republic by Philipp Scheidemann, crowds cheering. Government troops. Street demonstrations. Berlin - Red Flag carried in demonstration. Communists
07:03:34 Russian troops march.
07:03:40 Kaiser Wilhelm 1913 reviews troops - war games. Shots repeated. German troops with early machine gun.
07:04:20 European Royalty - Brief shot Edward VII and family in Royal carriage. King Victor Emmanuel of Italy on balcony (barely seen) for visit of Archduke of Russia. King Haakon of Norway visits French President. Ball after wedding of Prince Karl of Austria to Princess Zita. King Ludwig of Bavaria
07:05:15 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany reviews troops. Royals on hunt. Good shot royals and officers all with feathered helmets walking down steps.
07:05:55 Moscow - street scenes. Berlin - parade for battle of the flowers. Society ladies selling lottery tickets to give charity to orphans.
07:06:40 Troops parade in Berlin. Kaiser at war games, German soldiers with early machine gun.
07:07:42 Start of WWI 1914 - conscription. German troops handed out uniforms. German troops - spiked helmets - march off to war. Kaiser. Crown Prince inspects newly discovered field telephone.
07:08:39 French General Joffre - French Troops.
07:08:51 King George V and Belgium King Albert.
07:08:56 General Von Hindenburg inspects troops. Scenes at the front, guns fired, tanks.
Supplied as silent footage.



1914 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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