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Dr. H. D. Harper, The Dental cosmos (1907)


Dr. H. D. Harper, The Dental cosmos (1907)



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Title: The Dental cosmos
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: White, J. D McQuillen, J. H. (John Hugh), 1826-1879 Ziegler, George Jacob, 1821-1895 White, James William, 1826-1891 Kirk, Edward C. (Edward Cameron), 1856-1933 Anthony, L. Pierce (Lovick Pierce), b. 1877
Subjects: Dentistry Dentistry
Publisher: Philadelphia, S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Co
Contributing Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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ty 105 Southern Wisconsin Dental Association, 426, 799 Susquehanna Dental Association of Pennsylvania 546 Tennessee Board of Dental Examiners. 549Tesnessee State Dental Association,. 335, 548, 672 Texas Board of Dental Examiners. .336, 1223 Texas State Dental Association 429 Third, Fourth, and Fifth District (N. Y.) Dental Societies 1022 University of Pennsylvania Dental Alumni Society 543 University of Pennsylvania, Dental De-partment, Class of 1902 544 Utah State Dental Society 671 Vermont Board of Dental Examiners.. 552 Vermont State Dental Society 223, 799 Virginia Board of Dental Examiners... 549 Virginia State Dental Association 672 Washington University, Dental Depart-ment—Meeting of Alumni 334 West Virginia Board of Dental Exam-iners * 432 Wisconsin Board of Dental Examiners, 107, 550 Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners.. 675 Monthly Record of Patents Relating to Dentistry. Patents 108, 224, 336, 432, 552, 676, 800, 908, 1024, 1116, 1224, 1320 Index to Volume XI.IX INDEX. 1321
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DR. H. D. HARPER. THE Dental Cosmos. Vol. XLIX. JANUARY 1907. No. 1. Original communications. EXPERIMENTS AND OBSERVATIONS ON THE WASTING OFTOOTH TISSUE VARIOUSLY DESIGNATED AS EROSION,ABRASION, CHEMICAL ABRASION,DENUDATION, ETC. By W. D. MILLER, D.D.S., M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Berlin, Ger. ( L ) SOME confusion has been occasionedby reason of the fact that variousauthors on the subject specified underthe above title have given the affectiondifferent names according to their ownconception of its nature, the result beingto a certain extent the same as in the caseof pyorrhea alveolaris, viz, that we havea multiplicity of names no one of whichis fitted to all of the conditions andphenomena present. In particular, the use of the worderosion (Lat. e + rode re, to wear off,to eat away, to consume, to corrode)has given rise to considerable confusion,ft has been employed by many to desig-nate a wearing away by mechanicalmeans only, and undoubtedly this mean-ing is inherent in the word; in fact, we





The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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