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Dominic Serres the Elder - The Capture of Havana, 1762, Taking the Town, 14 August


Dominic Serres the Elder - The Capture of Havana, 1762, Taking the Town, 14 August



A depiction of an episode from the last major operation of the Seven Years War, 1756-63. It was part of England's offensive against Spain when she entered the war in support of France late in 1761. The British Government's response was immediately to plan large offensive amphibious operations against Spanish overseas possessions, particularly Havana, the capital of the western dominions and Manila, the capital of the eastern. Havana needed large forces for its capture and early in 1762 ships and troops were dispatched under Admiral Sir George Pocock and General the Earl of Albemarle. The force which descended on Cuba consisted of 22 ships of the line, four 50-gun ships, three 40s, a dozen frigates and a dozen sloops and bomb vessels. In addition there were troopships, storeships, and hospital ships. Pocock took this great fleet of about 180 sail through the dangerous Old Bahama Strait, from Jamaica, to take Havana by surprise. Havana, on Cuba's north coast, was guarded by the elevated Morro Castle which commanded both the entrance to its fine harbour, immediately to the west, and the town on the west side of the bay. The terms of surrender for Havana were concluded on 13 August and in the painting a flotilla of boats of the fleet are shown ferrying in the occupation forces on the following day. At the same time as this was taking place, sailors dismantled the boom defence, visible in the middle distance. The Union flag flies from the fort and the men-of-war are firmly established in the harbour.

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