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Dome in the Desert, Grapevine Road, Cave Creek, Maricopa County, AZ

Dome in the Desert, Grapevine Road, Cave Creek, Maricopa County, AZ



1990 Charles E. Peterson Prize, Honorable Mention
Significance: "The Dome in the Desert" built in 1949, coined its name from its shape and it function. The historical significance of this structure is the ideas and concepts that Paolo Soleri & Mark Mills implemented to create a dwelling that is functional to desert living. The site is 30 miles north of Phoenix, in the remote town of Cave Creek, Arizona. The elevations of Cave Creek is approximately 1000 feet higher than Phoenix, but is still in a desert environment. The majority of this building is carved into the sloping site. This affords the northern portion of the house to have a "cave-like" feel to the interior space, while conversely the domed portion reveals an open uninhibited feeling. The attempt to create a dwelling that allows you to live in the desert instead of manipulating and destroying the environment, and to bring comfort for living is much understood and implied in this structure. The majority of the construction is concrete and desert stone. This creates a dwelling that is truly indigenous to living in the desert. Such a dwelling is worthy of historical documentation for all to experience and learn from.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: FN-39
Survey number: HABS AZ-148
Building/structure dates: 1949 Initial Construction



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Soleri, Paolo
Mills, Mark
Boyle, Michael, faculty sponsor
Arizona State University, College of Architecture, sponsor
Brazil, Rick E, delineator




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