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Division Avenue Pumping Station & Filtration Plant, West 45th Street and Division Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH

Division Avenue Pumping Station & Filtration Plant, West 45th Street and Division Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH



This survey documents water treatment structures at multiple locations throughout Cleveland.
Significance: The two plants represented state-of-the-art technology for water treatment. With their additions over the years they have supplied sufficient clean water to the citizens of Cleveland. The construction of the two plants evidenced several innovative movements in the history of technology as applied to tunneling the treatment of water.
First put into service in 1917, the Division Avenue Pumping Station was a notable engineering achievement, representing the apogee of the steam-powered reciprocating pumping engine to furnish water to the households of Cleveland, then the nation's sixth-largest city. As built, the station was equipped with six triple-expansion steam pumping engines having capacities ranging from 10 to 25 million gallons per day. Three of these, all built by Allis Chalmers, still remained in 1974 when the station, cited as a "rare technological landmark" and said to be unique in the state of Ohio, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Incorporating elements of the Second Renaissance Revival style, the substantial four-story brick building that housed the engines is notable in its own right and is an integral component of a water-treatment plant sharing a common architectural idiom.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N1113
Survey number: HAER OH-3
Building/structure dates: after 1850 Initial Construction
Building/structure dates: 1874 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1897 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1917 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1945 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1953 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1972 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 2006 Demolished
National Register of Historic Places NRIS Number: 74001438



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Chalmers, Allis
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Christianson, Justine, transmitter
City of Cleveland, Department of Public Utilities
MWH America, Inc., sponsor




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