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Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14585354268)


Diseases of infancy and childhood (1914) (14585354268)



Identifier: diseasesofinfan00fisc (find matches)
Title: Diseases of infancy and childhood
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Fischer, Louis, 1864- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Children
Publisher: Philadelphia, F. A. Davis company (etc., etc.)
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ough. Fresh fruits must not be forgotten.Butter and cream are valuable adjuncts to the dietary. Medicinal Treatment.—In addition to the importance of proper feed-ing we must seek to establish proper metabolism. All the emunctoriesmust be carefully watched. Drug treatment should be directed to supply-ing the deficient amount of lime in the bones. The glycerophosphate of RACHITIS. 319 liiiio^ wliicli Las Ijccii used by jik; for scvcfal ycjirs, in (Kjsr^H of 1, to o )(lliv(j--()il, to vvliieh /ooo giain ofphosphorus is atlde(3, has served irie very well in some instances. Thisphosphorized codliver-oil must be freshly prepared^ as it deteriorates onstanding. Hundreds of children in the crowded sections of the city havebeen put on the phosphor treatment. When codliver-oil vjas added to thephosphor, good results were noted, not othenvise; so that I believe it is thecodliver-oil rather than the phosphor that possesses medicinal virtues.
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Fig-. 99. Fig. 100. Fig. 99.—Rachitic Kyphosis (Spine). Permanent deformity. Rachiticthorax in school girl, 12 years old, sho^Ying Harrisons groove, and funnel-shaped depression of sternum. Fig. 100.—Back View Same Child, Showing Rachitic Kyphosis. Thisdeformity is the permanent result of rickets in infancy. It is to be difter-entiated from Potts disease. Note also the curvature of the spine.(Original.) Fellows syrii)) of hypopliosphiies, arscMiic, iron, and stryeliuiiic have servedme very well, especially when atony of the stonuu^h or dyspeptic conditionsexisted. The careful regulation of the bowels and good action on the parrof the kidneys and skin will greatly aid in modifying ric-kets whenestablishcMl. Treatment of Deformities.—/w//>//on/s.- Tn rachitic kyphosis a Brad-ford fi-anu^ or a similar appliance is iiuliraliul. .\ spinal brace will sonu^-tinu^s do good. l\lassage with ginnl frirlion will develop a weakened sjdne BTtrn 320 DISORDERS RESULTING FROM IMPROPER NUTRITI





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