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Dingee guide to rose culture (1909) (20962398261)


Dingee guide to rose culture (1909) (20962398261)



Title: Dingee guide to rose culture
Identifier: dingeeguidetoros19ding (find matches)
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: Dingee & Conard Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nursery stock Catalogs; Roses Catalogs; [booksubjectNurseries_Horticulture_Bulbs_Plants_Seeds_Catalogs Nurseries (Horticulture)
Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs]; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: West Grove, Pa. : Dingee & Conard Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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;l90g^^.DlAGEEGuiDETbRpSECyi:iV^ "485(3^ Perle des Jardins PEARL OF THE GARDEN The color is a clear golden yellow, of a beautiful shade, and is entirely distinct from any other va- riety; the flowers are large, full, of globular form, with great depth and substance,richly perfumed, and ver)- beautiful in every way. This magnificent Rose still holds its position as one of the most exquisite and beautiful of its color ever introduced, and the demand for it is constantly increasing as its great value becomes known. It is ideal for cutting purposes. 15 cts. each, 50 cts. for 4; larger size, 20 cts. each 50 cts. for 3. WHITE BOUGERE. There is no Rose which exceeds this one for open-ground culture. The pure ivorv'- white flowers are unusually large, deep, full and double, borne on long, stiff stems throughout the season in great profusion. MAD. AGATHA NABONNAND. This splendid Rose, in color, is hke the delicate hues seen in the inside of the fairest deep-sea sheUs; rosy flesh, bathed in golden amber. The buds are immense, and have the shape of an egg, with broad, sheU-like j>etals, large and ver\' fragrant flowers. *Papa Gontier A strong, \'igorous grower and constant boomer; one of the ver\' best and most valuable, both for open ground and greenhouse; color rich cherr\--red, passing to clear, glo'w-ing crimson. A splendid Rose; one of the best for all purposes, with im- mense buds and magnificent flowers. VATiT.E DE CHAMOUNIX. The color, like Beaute Inconstante, is rich and variable, ranging from coppen,' yellow to rosy blush and crimson. This is a ver\^ distinct and beautiful variety, as well as fragrant, the buds are exceptionally pretty. One bush will produce blooms of manj- different colors that are rich and charming in the extreme. 15 cts each, .50 cts. for 4, .$1 for 9; larger plants, 20 cts. each, 50 cts. for 3. J. B. VARONNE. This is a strong and \'igorous grower, producing extra-large, vase-shaped flowers, both full and double; the splendid pointed buds are also beautiful. The color is a ver\' rich and bright scarlet-crimson, magnificently shaded with salmon or buff-rose at the center; very fragrant. Flowers last a long time. SOTJV. DE AUG. METRAL. A strong and vig- orous grower, producing a profusion of pure, deep red, large, full flowers, well formed and of good substance. Yen,* fragrant. 15 cts. each, 50 cts. for 4, SI for 9; larger plants, 20 cts. each, 50 cts. for 3; two-year-old plants, 35 cts. each. *Marie Guillot THE QUEEN OF WHITE ROSES We reconunend it as one of the most reliable white Tea Roses in cultivation, especially for out- door culture. The color is pure white, sometimes faintly tinged pale yellow. The flowers are beauti- fully made, ven,' large, full and double; the buds are very pretty, of sweet fragrance. Any one who ha- not seen this splendid variety growing at its best in the open ground, cannot conceive of the lovelv beauty of its large, bold, handsome flowers. lOc Each ^°^ ^^ Roses offered on this page, ex- . A^avii j,gp^ ^Yiere noted, 50 cts. for any 6, $1 per doz.; larger size 15 cts. each, 50 cts for 4. postpaid. Two-year-old plants, 30 cts. each, $3 per doz. Varie- ties marked with a star (*) in three-year-old plants, 50c. ea., $5 per doz., by express, at purchaser's expense.
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dingee guide to rose culture 1909
dingee guide to rose culture 1909