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Diary in photos, vol. III, 1938
Diary in photos, vol. III, 1938
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Photographs show John D. Whiting's trips around the Middle East region from January 4th to June 26th, 1938. Whiting, a member of the American Colony in Jerusalem, worked as a tour guide, businessman, writer and photographer. Photographs include locations in Palestine (present day Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip), Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. People depicted include Grace Whiting and travelers and visitors to the region.
Album page image number 1-12 (p. 4-15): Trip with the Bowens showing a well and tribal court in Beersheba, a Gaza minaret, Askalon (Ashḳelon), a car stuck on the road to Caesarea, a Roman cemetery in Samaria, an aqueduct near Rachael's Tomb, Mt. Hermon, the ruins of Balabek (Baʻlabakk) including the Temple of Jupiter, and palm gardens (Jerusalem?) in the snow. Also shown is Grace Whiting in a garden, probably in Jerusalem.
Album page image number 13-25 (p. 16-27): Tel-Aviv and surroundings including the headquarters of the Labour party, the Mugrabi Cinema and double decker bus, Hadassah Hospital, girls from agricultural school picking oranges, Arabs picking and packing oranges, and Tel Aviv harbor; Arab metal workers in Nazareth, and fishermen at the Sea of Galilee.
Album page image number 26-41 (p. 28-43): Trip to Sinai and Petra with the Suggs family including portraits of Bedouin guides and women, Wady Feiran, Aqaba, and Petra tombs.
Album page image number 42-53 (p. 44-55): Trip to Palmyra including the Iraq Petroleum Company pipeline in Affule (Afulah) on fire, reception at the Palmyra aerodrome, camel races, women watching the camel races, French Desert Patrol officers, and a Bedouin wedding staged by Gypsies (Romanies).
Album page image number 54-63 (p. 56-65): Trip to Petra including Wadi ez Zerka, ruins of Gerasa, Bedouins on the road, tombs and Roman theater in Petra, the crusader castle of Shobek, and Amman, Jordan.
Album page image number 64-76 (p. 66-78): Trip to Syria with Miss Sugg including El Azrak (Jordan), "Hauran girls" and women near Ezra (Ezraa), ruins of Greek Orthodox churches at Ezraa, Druse (Druze) mountains, a theater and ruins in Shuhba (Shahbā or Philippopolis), Druze orthodox school in el Kanawat, and Arab castle in Salkhad.
Album page image number 77-85 (p. 79-88): Trip to Syria continued: Gate decorated for circumcision ceremony, ruins, and mosques in Bosra-Eski-Sham (Buṣrá al-Shām); a basket market in Damascus, the Christian village of Maʻlūlā and desert patrol in Palmyra riding through ruins for Miss Sugg's filming.
Album page image number 86-100 (p. 89-97): Trip to Syria continued: Masyaf castle, waterwheel in Hama (Hamah), beehive village between Hama (Ḥamāh) and Aleppo, the citadel and mosques in Aleppo, Roman tomb in Dana, pottery in Latakia and Alouite (Alawite or Nosairian) women and children in fields. Also shown are the Cedars in Lebanon, junior Hadassah girls farming near Zichron Yaacob ( Zikhron Yaʻaḳov), school lunch at Pardess-Hanna, a street in Tel-Aviv, and "Sheikh of the Sidon mariners."




Whiting, John D. (John David), 1882-1951, photographer
Matson, G. Eric (Gästgifvar Eric), 1888-1977, photographer


Ashkelon, Israel


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