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Design drawing for stained glass window with St. Andrew and St. PaulSaul


Design drawing for stained glass window with St. Andrew and St. PaulSaul



Annotations on drawing: SA 346, G 5445.
DGS Slide no. 645.
Sticker: Contemporary over Gothic. Extensive typed notes.

Purchase, Donald Samick, 2003 (DLC/PP-2003:109).
Forms part of: Lamb Design Collection.

According to tradition, St. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross, known as a Saint Andrew's Cross. This distinctive form of crucifixion is said to have been chosen as a reflection of St. Andrew's humility, as he felt unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Christ. The image of St. Andrew holding the X-shaped cross has been a popular subject in Christian art and is a symbol of the saint's martyrdom. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and is revered by the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican Churches.

The J&R Lamb Studios is the oldest decorative arts firm and multi-media guild in continuous operation in the United States and preceded the studios of both John LaFarge and Louis C. Tiffany. The brothers Joseph Lamb (1833-1898) and Richard Lamb (1832-1909) founded the Studios in 1857 in New York City after leaving Lewisham, England. Joseph's son, Charles Rollinson Lamb (1860-1942), a renowned City Beautiful theorist and architect, greatly shaped the company's aesthetic and intellectual character and business direction. Lamb descendants ran the Studios until Karl B. Lamb's death





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