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Death of Reynolds--Gettysburg



Three men on horseback in foreground, soldiers in background.
Title inscribed lower left.
A narrative and a map on cream lined paper accompany the drawing (on the verso). The text reads: The Fall of Reynolds/ Legend/ Buford with four thousand cavalry, met the advance of the enemy on the Cashtown Road and Chambersburg Pike, on the morning of the 1st of July, 1863. Reynolds, who has command of the right wing of the Union Army, came up to the support of Buford, at 10 o'clock A.M. with two brigades of the First Corps, and immediately proceeded to post one of their (Cutter's)[sic] to the north of the old rail=road bed, and returning, rode towards the other, the Iron Brigade (Meredith's), which Doubleday, who had command of the First Corps, was leading to action in a piece of wood skirting Willoughby Run, where Archer's (Rebel) Brigade, which had just crossed the Run was advancing in line of battle. At the moment when one regiment of this brigade, Fairchild's, accompanied by Doubleday, had entered the wood, and was becoming desperatley [sic.] engaged, Reynolds, with his staff, rode up to the neck of woods in Fairchild's rear, to examine the ground, and the disposition of the enemy, when he discovered the enemy advancing, and sweeping up on his left. Instantly wheeling to ride back, he received a ball in the back of his neck, from the direction in which he had seen the enemy, and was borne insensible from the field and soon after expired. The enemy was at that time advancing, one brigade (Archer's) as I have described, and another whole division to the north of the railroad-bed apparently for the purpose of capturing Lidball's Horse/Battery, posted on the Chambersburg Pike, which the enemy doubtless judged was defended only by cavalry, (and which in reality was, until the arrival of Reynolds,) and which was stubbornly contesting the enemy's advance. The accompaning sketch will illustrate this description. [Map with identifying inscriptions].
Gift, J.P. Morgan, 1919 (DLC/PP-1919:R1.2.242)
Reference print available in the Civil War Drawings file 1863.
Reference print available in Ray, Plate 54 (p. 133).
Forms part of: Morgan collection of Civil War drawings.





Waud, Alfred R. (Alfred Rudolph), 1828-1891, artist


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