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DCM 0776: Anonymous, North American Indian (Yurok) Flute


DCM 0776: Anonymous, North American Indian (Yurok) Flute



DCM ledger: "American Indian, Yurok, California." In addition to what are obviously 3 fingerholes, there is located above, a lateral and indented hole which may be the embouchure if this were intended as a transverse flute, which would therefore require the tubing above to be closed. However, it is not, and it may be intended as a whistle flute, although the whistle edge is quite unsatisfactory.
Instrument type: Flute
Medium: Bone.; 24.9 cm.
Key Holes System: 0/3 holes.
Mark Maximum: No mark.
Condition: Patches of an unidentified covering, possibly thin leather, are still present, but can easily be peeled away.
Provenance: Albert G. Heath, Chicago, 14 Apr. 1928.



1700 - 1900


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