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Dayal, Raja Lala Deen - Hofbeamter (Zeno Fotografie)


Dayal, Raja Lala Deen - Hofbeamter (Zeno Fotografie)



Deutsch: Dayal, Raja Lala Deen: Hofbeamter

Public domain photograph of 19th-century colonial portrait, European colonies, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Lala Deen Dayal was a renowned Indian photographer born in 1844 in Sardhana, Uttar Pradesh. He was known for his exceptional ability to capture images of the landscape, architecture and people of India in the late 19th century. Dayal began his career as a clerk in the Public Works Department of India and later became interested in photography. He learnt the art of photography from a British photographer called Samuel Bourne, who was working in India at the time. Dayal went on to set up his own photographic studio in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and became the official photographer of the Maharaja of Indore. He also worked as a photographer for the British government, documenting various events and landscapes throughout India. Dayal's photographs were widely acclaimed for their artistic and technical excellence. He was known for his use of natural light and composition, which gave his images a unique aesthetic appeal. Some of Dayal's most famous works include his photographs of the Taj Mahal, Victoria Terminus in Mumbai and Gwalior Fort. His photographs have been exhibited in various international exhibitions and have won several awards. Lala Deen Dayal died in 1905, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional photography that continues to inspire generations of photographers in India and around the world.



1850 - 1900



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