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Adrian Zingg - Daniel Chodowiecki


Adrian Zingg - Daniel Chodowiecki



Public domain image of German master print from the National Gallery of Art collection, free to use, no copyright restrictions - Picryl description

Adrian Zingg was born on 4 March 1734 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Zingg studied art in Paris, where he became interested in the work of Dutch landscape painters. He returned to Switzerland in 1765 and settled in Bern, where he became a member of the Bernese Academy of Fine Arts. Zingg's paintings are characterised by their detailed and realistic depiction of natural landscapes. He often painted scenes from the Swiss countryside, including mountains, forests and lakes. His work was highly regarded during his lifetime and was collected by many prominent art collectors. In addition to painting, Zingg was also a skilled engraver. He produced a number of engravings based on his own paintings as well as the work of other artists. His engravings were in great demand and widely distributed throughout Europe. Adrian Zingg died on 20 August 1816 in Bern, Switzerland. His work continues to be admired for its beauty and technical skill, and his paintings and engravings can be found in museums and private collections around the world.





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