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Corinne-Griffith-1921 - silent film printed advertisement


Corinne-Griffith-1921 - silent film printed advertisement



Identifier: widsyearbook192100wids (find matches)
Title: Wid's Year Book 1921
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc. Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc.
Subjects: Motion Pictures
Publisher: New York, Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc.
Contributing Library: Media History Digital Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Media History Digital Library

Text Appearing Before Image:
hioned Boy, An—F. P.-L 11- 7-20 Old Fashioned Young Man,An—Fine Arts- Tri 5- 3-17 Old Folks at Home—Fine Arts-Tri 10-12-16 Old Hartwells Cub—Tri 5-19-18 Old Heidelberg—Fine Arts-Tri 10- 7-15 Old Homestead, The—F. P.-Prmt 12-23-15 Old Lady 31—Metro 4- 3-20 Old Maids Baby, An—Diando-Pathe 2- 9-19 Old Swimmin Hole, The—1st Natl 2-20-21 Old Wives for New—De Mille-Artcraft... 5-26-18 Oliver Twist—Laskv-Prmt 12-21-16 Oliver Twist, Jr.—Fox 3-13-21 OMalley of the Mounted—F. P.-L 2-13-21 Once a Plumber—Univ 9-19-21 Once to Every Man—Frohman-St Rgt ... 2- 9-19 Once to Every Woman—Univ 10- 3-20 On Dangerous Ground—Brady-World ....1-11-21 One A. M.—Chaplin-Mutl 8- 3-16 One Day—B. S. Moss 2-24-16 One Hour—Rapf-Hoffman-Foursquare ...11-29-17 One Hour Before Dawn—Pathe 7-18-20 One Law for Both—Ivan-St Rgt 5-10-17 One Man in a Million—R.-C 1-16-21 One Man Trail—Fox 3-27-21 One Million Dollars—Rolfe-Metro 12- 2-1S One More American—Lasky-Prmt 3- 7-18
Text Appearing After Image:
Btrector Accent fielcase $)at>e tn ss>outl) Africa 160 Review Date One of Many—James-Metro 2-15-17 One of the Finest—Gwyn 6- 8-19 One Shot Ross—Tri 10-11-17 One-Thing-At-a-Time ODay—Metro 6-29-19 One Thousand Dollars—Vita 7- 7-18 One Touch of Nature—Edison-K.E.S.E. .. 8-16-17 One Touch of Sin—Fox 2- 1-17 One Woman, The—Dixon-Select 12-22-18 One Week of Life—Gwyn 5-25-19 Only Road, The—Metro 6-16-18 On Record—Lasky-Prmt 3- 1-17 On the High Card—Arrow 1920 On the Jump—Victory-Fox 10- 6-18 On the Level— Lasky-Prmt 11- 1-17 On the Quiet—Prmt 8-18-18 On-the-Square Girl, The—Astra-Pathe ... 8-23-17 On Trial—Essanay 6-21-17 On with the Dance—F. P.-L 2- 5-20 Open Door, The—R.-C 10-19-19 Open Places—Essanay-K.E.S.E 8-23-17 Open Your Eyes—Warner-St Rgt 7- 6-19 Opportunity—Metro 7-14-18 Ordeal of Elizabeth, The—Vita-V.L.S.E.. . 5-18-16 Ordeal of Rosetta, The—Select 7-21-18 Orphan, The—Fox 5- 2-20 Other Man, The—Vita 2- 7-18 Other Mans Wif

Corinne Griffith, born Corinne Mae Griffin on November 24, 1894, was an American actress, producer, author, and businesswoman. She began her career in silent films during the 1910s and became one of the highest-paid stars of the silent era. Griffith appeared in over 60 films and was known for her beauty, talent, and versatility in roles ranging from drama to comedy. Some of her notable films include "The Tower of Lies" (1925), "The Garden of Eden" (1928), and "Lilies of the Field" (1930). She received critical acclaim for her performances in these and other films. In addition to her acting career, Griffith was also involved in film production and authored several books, including her autobiography titled "Papa's Delicate Condition," which was later adapted into a film starring Jackie Gleason. After retiring from acting in the early 1930s, Griffith focused on her business ventures and became a successful real estate investor. She passed away on July 13, 1979.





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