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Connellsville Coal & Coke Region, Connellsville, Fayette County, PA

Connellsville Coal & Coke Region, Connellsville, Fayette County, PA



See also HAER PA-259 for related documentation. Includes photographs & written data.
Significance: Considered among the world's richest mineral deposits, the Pittsburgh seam of coal underlying portions of Fayette and Westmoreland Counties in southwestern Pennsylvania produced metallurgical coke of exceptional quality. Covering nearly 147 square miles, the seam's thickness, nearness to the surface, friable structure, and chemical attributes made Connellsville coke the ideal fuel for late nineteenth and early twentieth century iron furnaces. Combined with the adjacent Klondike fields, the region contained the world's largest complex of beehive coking ovens.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N27
Survey number: HAER PA-283
Building/structure dates: ca. 1831 Initial Construction





1933 - 1970


Historic American Engineering Record, creator
H. C. Frick Coke Company
U.S. Steel Corporation
Noble, Max
Noble, Helen
Meason, Isaac
Norton, Lester Leroy
McCormick, Provance
Campbell, James
Taylor, John
Cochran, Mordecai
Cochran, James
Cochran, Sample
Strickler, Stewart
Norton, Philo
Rainey, W J
Meskinnin, Faber & Bailey
Keister, B F
Watt, Taylor & Company
F. H. Frost & Son
Sherrick, Markle & Company
Morgan & Company
Connellsville Coke & Iron Company
Connellsville Gas Coal Company
Charlotte Furnace Company
American Coke Company
Eureka Fuel Company
Washington Coal & Coke Company
Frick, Henry Clay
Tintsman, A O
Armstrong, Charles
Hutchinson, A A
Hurst, Stoner & Neel
Blake, J W
Overholt, A C
Warden, Samuel
Reid Brothers
Laughlin & Company
Stewart Iron Company
Schoonmaker, James M
Percy Mining Company
Pennsville Coke Company
Dunbar Furnace Company
I. Painter & Company
Mullin, William D
Mahoning Coke Company
Lemont Furnace Company
Fairchance Furnace Company
Jackson Mining Company
Stauffer & Wiley
McClure Coke Company
Moyer, John
Fayette Coal Company
Dillinger, Suttle & Company
Morewood Coke Company
Donnelly & Dillinger
Lomason & Stauft
Stauffer, J R
Pittsburgh & Connellsville Gas, Coal & Coke Company
Henry & Zook
Cochran & Ewing
Adah Coke Company
Brown, W Harry
Republic Iron & Steel Company
Brier Hill Coke Company
Mount Pleasant Coke Company
Clare Coke Company
Whyel Coke Company
Bessemer Coke Company
Shannon Coal & Coke Company
Gilmore Coke Company
Latrobe Coal Company
Martin Coke Company
Magee Coke Company
Brownfield-Connellsville Coke Company
Hostetter-Connellsville Coke Company
Semet-Solvay Company
Oliver & Snyder Steel Company
Wilkey & Feather Coke Company
Smithfield Coal & Coke Company
Century Coke Company
United Connellsville Coke Company
Consolidated Connellsville Coke Company
Waltersburg Coke Company
South Fayette Coke Company
Struthers Coal & Coke Company
Byrne, James
Nef, John C
Connellsville Central Coke Company
Hoover, James H
Hope Coke Company
Hustead-Semans Coal & Coke Company
Isabella-Connellsville Coke Company
Union-Connellsville Coke Company
Lincoln Coal & Coke Company
South West Connellsville Coke Company
McKeefrey Coke Company
Mount Hope Coke Company
Parshall, W J
Orient Coke Company
Plumer Coke Company
Poland Coal Company
Thompson-Connellsville Coke Company
Rich Hill Coal & Coke Company
Prospect Coal & Coke Company
Tower Hill-Connellsville Coke Company
Alverton Coke Company
Stewart Coal & Coke Company
Scottdale-Connellsville Coke Company
Hillman, J H
Pennsylvania Mining & Manufacturing Company
King Brothers Coal & Coke Company
National Mines Corporation
Dillon, C W
Bortz Coal Company
Emerald Coal & Coke Company
Bridgeview Coal Company
Phillips Coal & Coke Company
Leckrone Coal & Coke Company
Bobak, John
Eberly Coal & Coke Company
Mammoth Coal & Coke Company
Brennen, George
Ruane Coal & Coke Company
Carpentertown Coal & Coke Company
Lindsey Coal Company
Humphrey-Connellsville Coke Company
Hacker Coal & Coke Company
J & G Coke Company
Connellsville Coke Producers Association
Moore, J W
Wilkins, William Glyde
Covington Machine Company
Mitchell, Thomas J
Ricks Manufacturing & Supply Company
Kelly, I C
Affelder, William
MacFarren, Warren W
Stauft, D B
Youghiogheny Water Company
Trotter Water Company
Union Supply Company
Lynch, Thomas
Kennedy, Orran W
McLanahan, J King
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Company
Herron-Webb Engineering Company
Boyle, John D
Bliss & Marshall
Cochran, John M
J. Newmyer & Son
Dillinger, John L
Producers' Coke Company
Pittsburgh & Connellsville Railroad
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad
Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad
Hogg, James B
Porter, George
Hecla Coke Company
Taylor, Selwyn M
Paddock, J H
Miller, J P, K
Fleming, Alexander
Boyts, Porter & Company
Evans, David B
McGrath, James
McCormick, Joseph T
Connellsville Machine & Car Company
Connellsville Manufacturing & Mine Supply Company
Marietta & Stillwagon Coal Company
Scottdale Foundry & Machinery Company
Joseph Soisson Fire Brick Company
Harbison-Walker Refractories Company
Anawalt, James W
Cowan, James A
Franks, Charles B
Ramsay, Robert
Ramsay, Morris
Wilson, Boyle & Playford
Fitzsimons, Gray, project manager
O'Connor, Richard J, project manager
America's Industrial Heritage Project (AIHP), sponsor
Bennett, transmitter
Conviser, Jack, delineator
Emmanuel, Rohinton, delineator
Fairbanks, Elizabeth, delineator
McGuane, Laurie E, delineator
Quivik, Frederic L, historian


Connellsville (Pa.)40.01785, -79.58948
Google Map of 40.0178522, -79.58948280000001


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connellsville coke producers association
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jack conviser
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james a cowan
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f h frost and son
elizabeth fairbanks
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gray fitzsimons
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henry clay frick
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hecla coke company
henry and zook
herron webb engineering company
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james b hogg
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hope coke company
hostetter connellsville coke company
humphrey connellsville coke company
stoner and neel hurst
hustead semans coal and coke company
a a hutchinson
i painter and company
isabella connellsville coke company
j and g coke company
j newmyer and son
jackson mining company
joseph soisson fire brick company
b f keister
i c kelly
orran w kennedy
king brothers coal and coke company
latrobe coal company
laughlin and company
leckrone coal and coke company
lemont furnace company
lincoln coal and coke company
lindsey coal company
lomason and stauft
thomas lynch
warren w macfarren
magee coke company
mahoning coke company
mammoth coal and coke company
marietta and stillwagon coal company
christopher h marston
martin coke company
mcclure coke company
joseph t mccormick
provance mccormick
james mcgrath
laurie e mcguane
mckeefrey coke company
j king mclanahan
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john c nef
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lester leroy norton
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oliver and snyder steel company
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a c overholt
j h paddock
w j parshall
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pennsylvania mining and manufacturing company
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phillips coal and coke company
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stauffer and wiley
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