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Col. Henry Stuart Wortley (British - Moonbeam on the Waters - Google Art Project


Col. Henry Stuart Wortley (British - Moonbeam on the Waters - Google Art Project



The albumen silver print is a photographic printing process that was widely used in the 19th century. It involves coating paper support with a mixture of egg whites and salt, which creates a glossy surface to hold light-sensitive silver salts. The paper is then sensitized in a solution of silver nitrate, and exposed in a camera or under a negative. After exposure, the print is developed in a solution of gallic acid and silver nitrate, which reduces the silver salts to metallic silver and creates the final image. The albumen print process was widely used for commercial and fine art photography in the 19th century and produced high-quality, detailed images with a distinctive glossy finish.

Colonel Henry Stuart-Wortley was an amateur photographer who took many photographs during his travels. His photographs were exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society in London in the 1860s. He also wrote articles on photography for Photographic News. Wortley's photographs include landscapes, portraits and architectural studies. He travelled extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, photographing famous landmarks and people. His photographs of Egypt and Palestine are particularly noteworthy. Wortley's photographs are now held in several collections, including the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Royal Collection Trust. His work is regarded as an important contribution to the early history of photography.





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