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Cody aircraft mark IV RAE-O561b


Cody aircraft mark IV RAE-O561b



Aviation in Britain Before the First World War
A good view of the Cody aircraft mark IV Monoplane on the ground with a small group of people stood around. Cody built this aircraft specifically for the 1912 military trials. This single engine tractor design, radically different from his previous ones was significantly quicker and more manoeuvrable than the aircraft he had built before, though this was partly because of the more powerful Austro-Daimler engine which had been transferred from the mark IIE aircraft. Note the unusual tail arrangement with twin elevators and rudders. The Cockpit was semi enclosed with two side by side seats. Also note the aircraft's large size compared to other contemporary monoplanes.

Approximately four weeks before the trials (sources disagree on the exact date) Cody struck a cow whilst attempting to make a forced landing after an engine cut out. Cody was thrown clear, largely unhurt, but the cow was killed and the aircraft, apart from the engine and rudder, was written off leaving him with no aircraft four weeks before the trials.





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cody aircraft mark iv
cody aircraft mark iv