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Closeups of IECM grappled by RMS and positioned above payload bay (PLB)

Closeups of IECM grappled by RMS and positioned above payload bay (PLB)

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STS004-23-119 (27 June-4 July 1982) --- This is a close-up view of the Marshall Space Flight Center-developed Induced Environment Contamination Monitor (IECM), a multi-instrument box designed to check for contaminants in and around the space shuttle orbiter cargo bay which might adversely affect delicate experiments carried aboard. The astronaut crew of Thomas K. Mattingly II and Henry W. Hartsfield Jr. maneuvered the Canadian-built robot arm (called the remote manipulator system) very near their overhead flight deck windows and captured this scene with a 35mm camera. HOLD PICTURE HORIZONTALLY WITH FRAME NUMBER AT TOP CENTER. Cameras for the 11 instruments are pictured as black circles at the bottom of the frame. The access door to the arm and safe plug is located about halfway up the left edge of the box. A cascade injector device is immediately to the right of the plug. The rectangular opening at right center of the monitor is the optical effects module. Mass spectrometer is at upper left. Air sampler bottles are at upper left. The colorful rectangle near upper left of the monitor is the passive array. Not easily seen, but also a part of the instrument, are the cryogenic quartz crystal micro balance and the temperature controlled quartz micro balance. Photo credit: NASA






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