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Christian herald and signs of our times (1895) (14781908171)


Christian herald and signs of our times (1895) (14781908171)



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Title: Christian herald and signs of our times
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Publisher: (New York, The Christian Herald)
Contributing Library: Christian Herald Association
Digitizing Sponsor: Tisch Library, Tufts University

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o-mance, plain soldiers, and harmless if un-injured : and the Koords hospitable andgood-natured, though all are merciless intime of war. In four days the travelers reached thevillage of Telkif. where they saw the hugemounds which at that time were supposedto cover the ruins of ancient Nineveh.Though Layard regarded these remainswith great interest, he little thought that heshould make his name famous by restoringto the world the buried treasures which hadbeen hidden there for hundreds of years. They made up a party to visit themounds which formed the tomb of the glo-ries of Nineveh. The principal mound, sup-posed to be the ruin of a large palace ortemple, had just before been the scene of aterrible tragdy. At that time no one wasable to say that the mounds were the site ofthe capital of Assyria, and the attempts pre-viously made to explore them had been frus-trated by the hostility of the Arabs. Whenthe inhabitants of Mosul heard of the pro-posed expedition, they assured the travelers
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Anywhere with Jesus. by I ra. D-Sa/yl-ey Robert Shaw. J. E Edwirm. m ! 1 * » 9» • « 1. A - ny-where with Je - sus, glad - ly would I go; At His side theres 2. A - ny-where with Je - sus, this my song to - day, Mas-ter, I will 3. *A - ny-where with Je - sus, He will be my guide, In His own pa - 1 ;S>5$ safe - ty from the cm • el foe;fol - low, fal - low all the way;vil - ion I can safe - ly hide; A - ny-where with Je - sus,A - ny-where with Je - sus,A - ny-where with Je - sus, 1* h N -m- — — 1 1 this my prayr shall be, Help me, O my Sav-iour, still to fol-low Thee,in the dark-est hour, He will er - er keep me by His might-y powr.this is all I need; In His love a-bid-ing, this is rest in - deed. _J2 , m m « -1 * * , . 0 Zl t m. Refrain. ifay be repeated *c/Uy.) _fc L A - ny - where, a - ny - where, thro this world- be - low, m i V With my Sav - iour lead -« » 9 r glad - ly would I g°- Ccpyrjgbt, 1S53. by Tt e E^low & Main Co. From CHRISTIAN Endeavor HYMNS. by permi





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