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Jacopo Bassano Jacopo da Ponte - Christ Appearing to Saint Mary Magdalen ("Noli Me Tangere")


Jacopo Bassano Jacopo da Ponte - Christ Appearing to Saint Mary Magdalen ("Noli Me Tangere")



Public domain photo of religious Christian art print, 17th century, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description.

Jacopo Bassano was an Italian painter born around 1510 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. He was part of a family of artists that included his father Francesco and his brothers Leandro, Giovanni Battista and Girolamo. Jacopo began his career as an apprentice to his father, but soon developed his own style, characterised by vivid colours and a strong sense of naturalism. Bassano's early works were religious paintings, but he also painted portraits and genre scenes. He was particularly interested in depicting everyday life and his paintings often show peasants, animals and landscapes. He was also known for his use of light and shadow, which gave his paintings a sense of depth and realism. In the 1560s, Bassano became one of the most sought-after painters in Venice, where he worked on commissions for wealthy patrons. He continued to paint religious scenes, but also began to experiment with new subjects, such as mythological scenes and still lifes. Bassano died in 1592, leaving a legacy of works celebrated for their naturalism and realism. His influence can be seen in the works of many later artists, including Rembrandt and Caravaggio.



1555 - 1565


Metropolitan Museum of Art

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