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Children's ballads from history and folklore (1886) (14763866725)


Children's ballads from history and folklore (1886) (14763866725)



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Title: Children's ballads from history and folklore
Year: 1886 (1880s)
Authors: Bates, Clara Doty, 1838-1895 McDermott, Jessie
Subjects: Ballads
Publisher: Boston : D. Lothrop & co.
Contributing Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Connecticut Libraries

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IX.LITTLE PEACHLING. A Japanese Folk-Lore Story. AT tlie foot of the Golden Dragon Hill,Long ages ago, in a snug little houseWith a roof of dark-brown, velvety thatch.There lived an old woodman and his spouse. One morning, his bill-hook the old man took:To the mountain, to cut me a fagot, Ill hie. While you, O Koyo, the linen can washIn the river which rushes and gurgles by. Oh, the merry old man to the mountain hied,Past young rice-fields in the morning sun, Toward the dark fir-trees on the mountain side,Standing forth in its silence, every one. From wild camelias and white plum-trees. In his twinkling old eyes the spider-webs swung; And he merrily brushed by the green bamboos,With his bill-hook over his shoulder hunir.
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ang in a tall cherry-treeAs the smiling old wife to the river-side went: Oh, red is the sun, she cheerily sang.As she patiently over her washing bent. Oh, red is the sun ; and the rice-fields green —Now what is that in the river I see ? Its the rosiest peach in the whole of Jajsan;And its coming a-floating, a-floating to me. Now here is a feast for my darling old man.Oh, the Great Shogun not a finer can get! Some stewed lih-bulbs, and this beautiful peach,Wlien he comes from toil, before him Ill set. J Soon clown from the mountnin llie old man cainc,And fast on his back his fagot was boiuul. Oh, liasten you, husband, liis loving wife cried, And taste this beautiful peach that I found ! But just as lie took it the peach split in twain,And a fat little baby with raven-black hair \Vas cradled right in the heart of the peach.And lay a-twinkling and blinking there. Oh you brave little boy, you shall be our own sonAnd Moniotaro shall have for a name, Or Little Peachling, since out of a pe





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childrens ballads from history and folklore 1886
childrens ballads from history and folklore 1886