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Chattanooga National Military Park Tour Roads, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN

Chattanooga National Military Park Tour Roads, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN



Significance: The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park tour roads provide access to select areas of the park that commemorate and interpret the conflict between Union and Confederate forces over control of the LaFayette Road leading to Chattanooga. The tour route through the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park was originally designed for visitors in carriages, on foot, and on horseback. It has evolved into a route for visitors in automobiles. The roads, culverts and bridges are integral parts of the park, as they make a variety of areas more accessible to the public. There is also an assortment of foot trails and horse trails that allow visitors to see other areas inaccessible to those in automobiles. The road related structures in the park are significant for both their individual structural designs and for their functional unity as part of the park's overall conception. Initial construction of the park roads began in the 1890s and continued throughout the 1930s. Improvements, additions and closings of some roads took place under the supervision of the War Department, and late the National Park Service.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N668
Survey number: HAER TN-36
Building/structure dates: 1890-1895 Initial Construction



Historic American Engineering Record, creator
U.S. Department of War
National Park Service
Davis, Tim, historian
Brooks, Pete, field team project manager
Croteau, Todd, project manager
Young, Kelly, transmitter


Chattanooga (Tenn.)35.04563, -85.30968
Google Map of 35.0456297, -85.3096801


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