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Catalogue of seals and whales in the British Museum (1866) (20584868888)


Catalogue of seals and whales in the British Museum (1866) (20584868888)



Title: Catalogue of seals and whales in the British Museum
Identifier: cu31924024782603 (find matches)
Year: 1866 (1860s)
Authors: British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology; Gray, John Edward, 1800-1875
Subjects: Seals (Animals); Whales
Publisher: London : Printed by order of the Trustees
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ADDITIONS AND CORKECIIONS. 395 Steno Tucuxi, (at page 237) add :— Freshwater Dolphin, St6noTucuxi,TheTuouxi,^ofeg,^wazom«,i.l46. It rises horizontally, draws in an inspiration, and then dives down head foremost, which distinguishes it from the Bouto. " I saw here, for the first time, the flesh-coloured Dolphin (D.pal- lidus, Gervais) in the Lower Amazons, rolling away in pairs, both being of the same colour."—Bates, op. cit. i. 303. " The pale flesh-coloured species (D. palUdus, Gervais) is also abundant in the Upper Amazons."—Bates, op. cit. i. 146. Belphinus pseudodelpTiis (Wiegmann, Schreb. Saugeth. t. 358; Wagner, Schreb. Supp. vii. 332) appears to be a Steno with smaU teeth. The beak is figured near once and a half the length of the brain-case, and the teeth 42. 45. DELPHINUS (page 239). Add to generic characters :— The fin moderate-sized, falciform, pointed at the end; the hand of the same length as the arm-bones; the forearm-bones close together; the carpal bones forming a mosaic, separated by thin cartilage; the index fi.nger of six phalanges.— Van Bramheke, Mem. Ac. Belg. xviii. 1.1. f. 3. The first and second cervical vertebrae united by the bodies and spinous processes of the neural arch, which is very much elongated and keeled above. The lateral processes of the first medial, broad, short, obliquely compressed. Hiader vertebrae thin. Fig. 98.
Text Appearing After Image:
Skull of DelpMnws. 1. DelpMnus microps (p. 240). Correct specific characters to:— Beak of skull nearly twice as long as (that is to say, once and three-fourths the length of) the brain-cavity, and three times and three-fourths as long as wide at the notch. Teeth six in an inch. This is the description of the skull, which is the type, figured in the ' Voyage of the Erebus and Terror,' t. 25; a. of this Catalogue. SkuU very like B. Alope, but head smaller and more globular, and beak much more slender.

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