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Catalogue of paintings and drawings. (1922) (14780601511)


Catalogue of paintings and drawings. (1922) (14780601511)



Identifier: catpaint00worc (find matches)
Title: Catalogue of paintings and drawings.
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Worcester Art Museum
Subjects: Art Catalogs
Publisher: Worchester, Massachusetts
Contributing Library: Whitney Museum of American Art, Frances Mulhall Achilles Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Metropolitan New York Library Council - METRO

Text Appearing Before Image:
^ background. There is no note of strik-ing colour, but the depths of black and bluish black are overlaidwith a silvery shimmer. There is a glow and warmth in the flesh.The finely shaped hands are rendered with sureness and power.The hair is painted with precision and has a thick and soft ap-pearance. The velvet of the loose robes, with its crushed foldsand rich shadows, is painted with a considerable freedom. Oil on canvas, 415^2 inches by 35 inches 43
Text Appearing After Image:
THE BERGAMASK CAPTAINGIOVANNI BATTISTA MORONI 44 GIOWWXI BAFTISTA MOROXl Brcscian, ca. i 520-157S niK bi-:rck\m.\sk capiwix Naturalism and a preference lor northern tones are to he seenIn the portraits of two Italian painters, Moretto da I^resciaand his disciple the Bergamask, Moroni. In them power ofcharacterization reaches a strlcth realistic directness. Moroni had not his masters poetic warmth of imagination,nor the abilit) to stress the more spiritual and intellectualqualities of his sitters. Xor does his painting possess the gravesumptuousness, or subdued richness, which gives some of Moret-tos works a \enetian impressiveness. Moroni in his finestportraits easily surpasses his master in downright naturalnessof presentation and in a kind of instantaneous and dramaticsummary of the outward signs of the lives of the personages heportra)s. He Is the one Italian of the later Renaissance whorivals some of the great Netherlandish and German painterson their own ground, while yet retaini





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