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Cartoons by Bradley, cartoonist of the Chicago Daily News; (1917) (14748808906)


Cartoons by Bradley, cartoonist of the Chicago Daily News; (1917) (14748808906)



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Title: Cartoons by Bradley, cartoonist of the Chicago Daily News;
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Bradley, Luther Daniels, 1853-1917 Smith, Henry J
Subjects: Caricatures and cartoons
Publisher: Chicago, Rand McNally
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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we when kneeling down. For thought of that sad cross forget the crown. Burst forth the master, Father, tis but nought; T is only from the meanest fragments madeThat fell from out my hand there as I wrought; There is the altar, see the saints arrayedIn colors of the light, and gold, I thought To touch them with a lustre neer to fade.But on the youth who stood with low-bowed head The father, turning, laid his hands and said: From thy low place thou hast above us all Risen and taught us; niayst thou ever beWith such small fragments as thou seest fall Ready to labor long and patiently.Knowing that so a voice one day will call And say, Well, done, and thou as here shall seeThy works of worth and fair. Our lesson brings Us this: Scorn not the day of smallest things. L. D. B. 36 CARTOONS With the exception of the Australian Cartoons, all those in this collection were published in The Chicago Daily News. The date of publication is given in each case below the picture. TWO AUSTRALIAN CARTOONS
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Sir Graham in Harness Again Hands Across the Sea—-A Memory ofthe London Dock Strike (These cartoons, which appeared in Melbourne Punch about 1889-90, are published here as samples ofthe work Luther D. Bradley was doing at that period of his career. The subjects treated have, of course,no savour of the present day. Sir Graham, represented as having broken down on the road, was Sir GrahamBerry, agent general in London for the colony of Victoria. He was seemingly no favorite, politically, ofMelbourne Punch. The other cartoon refers to the strike of dock laborers in London in 1889. Workingmcn ofAustralia contributed large sums to the cause of the strikers.) 29 AND NOW TO PUT AN END TO THE WAR (Mr. Bradleys First Cartoon In The Chicago Daily News)





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