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Cape Cod and the Old colony (1921) (14802982763)


Cape Cod and the Old colony (1921) (14802982763)



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Title: Cape Cod and the Old colony
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Brigham, Albert Perry, 1855-1932
Subjects: Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony) Cape Cod (Mass.)
Publisher: New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons
Contributing Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
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and of moreworth to Americans, a deeper foimtain of noblesentiment because it is just Plymouth. Of the soil, Bradford wrote of a spites(spade) depth of excellent black mould and fatin some places. He names nine sorts of treesand various vines, fruits, herbs and fibers,also sand, gravel and clay, the last like soapand excellent for pots. Nearly two hundredacres were finally allotted to individuals, afterthe colonists had experimented with commu-nistic culture, and come close to starvation.They learned that even the stern principlesthat brought them over the sea could not fullycontrol their human qualities and that somewould be lazy if they did not work with thelure of private ownership. The lands thus assigned lay in a strip abouta quarter of a mile in greatest width and fol-lowing the shore for nearly two miles. It isbelieved that the choice of these lands by theIndians was due to the running streams whichcross them, streams which afforded herringin plenty to be used as a fertilizer.
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The Pilgrims Around the Bay 15 Behind Plymouth and Duxbury Beaches arethe combined waters of Plymouth Harbor,Kingston Bay and Duxbury Bay, a protectedarea about eight miles from north to south,bordered by a much curved shoreline. Theexplorers liked the Jones River whose bordersform the site of the old village of Kingston,but they did not settle there because theywould be farther from the fishing, our prin-cipal profit, and because the ground was sothoroughly covered with forest that theywould be in danger of Indian attack, ournumber being so little and so much ground toclear. These terse quotations are fromMourts Relation. The villages of Onset and Wareham standon northern arms of Buzzards Bay, and aresometimes rather loosely thought of as summerplaces on the Cape. But what is Cape Cod?It is the peninsula from Buzzards Bay toProvincetown. Strictly it should be the Prov-incetown spit with its dunes and beaches andthe name was at one time so used, Province-town Harbor being then the Cap





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cape cod and the old colony 1921
cape cod and the old colony 1921