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CAN-NW 1929 MiNr0147 pm B002 - Public domain portrait drawing


CAN-NW 1929 MiNr0147 pm B002 - Public domain portrait drawing



Stamp of Newfoundland (British colony); 1929; definitive stamp of the issue "Local Motives - Pictoral issue III"; re-issue of the original issue from 1928 with any few differences; stamp drawing with the portraits of Queen Mary of the United Kingdom and King George V of the United Kingdom each in oval; special caracteristic of the 1929 and 1931 re-issue: The pearls at the top of the crown have small curved lines, the jewels of the tiara have solid color, and the pillars flanking the portrait have vertical shading lines. Beside of these: the shields with the nominal value letters "THREE" and "CENTS" have horizontal shading lines. (crossed lines at the 1928 original issue); stamp postmarked; Unfortunately this stamp is damaged.
Stamp: Michel: No. 147; Yvert et Tellier: No. 149; Scott: No. 165
Color: reddish yellow brown
Watermark: none
Nominal value: 3 Cents
Postage validity: from 1929 until ?

Stamp picture size (printed area): 25.0 x 17.5 mm





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