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Kimmerly Ranch House - Sheldrake Lake Rd, Cloyne

Kimmerly Ranch House - Sheldrake Lake Rd, Cloyne



This is a very old photo of the Kimmerly Ranch House which was thought to be located around the Sheldrake Lake, on Gilmour Landing where Sheldrake Lake meets Skootamatta Lake (unconfirmed)...The back of the Post Card reads:.'Kimmerly Ranch House. Claude Wilfred Lessard, Francis Lessard, Henry Lloyd, Angus Andrews'...The following information about the ranch is cited from: Lake Tales - A. Douglas Alkenbrack - Memories of a Daughter by Eleanor Grennell on www.skootamatta.com ( http://www.skootamatta.com ) ..'In early September of 1969 my father, my husband Herbert, my grandfather Claude decided to take a drive north from Napanee. When they arrived at Cloyne, Claude suggested a left turn to drive in the old logging road that goes through to Skootamatta and Sheldrake lakes. At this point in time the road twisted and turned around the rocks and hills and was very narrow. Claude’s idea was that he would show his Uncle’s property his Uncle had used, through a quick claim deed. There had been an old homestead where he raised beef cattle back in the late 1800’s. Claude had spent time there when he was a boy. The homestead was situated near the landing between Sheldrake and Skootamatta lakes. They identified the spot where the old house had stood after finding the remnants of the root cellar. It sat on a rise looking down at the stream that flows out of Sheldrake Lake into Skootamatta. The old ranch was run by Robert W. Kimmerly, Claude’s Uncle who subsequently opened a General Store in Flinton. - See more at: www.skootamatta.ca/blog/douglas-alkenbrack-memories-daugh... ( http://www.skootamatta.ca/blog/douglas-alkenbrack-memories-daughter/#sthash.5LGdJorj.dpuf ) ..Unknown date.


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