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Lambert-Sigisbert Adam - Bust of Amphitrite


Lambert-Sigisbert Adam - Bust of Amphitrite



Public domain photo of European sculpture, 16th century, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description.

The son of a sculptor, Jacob-Sigisbert Adam, he was trained in his father's workshop. Lambert-Sigisbert Adam became famous for his decorative sculptures, especially his work in stucco. He worked on many important projects in Lorraine, including the decoration of the ducal palace in Nancy. In 1748, he was invited to work at the court of Louis XV at Versailles. There he worked on the decoration of the royal apartments and created sculptures for the gardens. He also worked on several projects for Madame de Pompadour, the king's mistress. Adam was known for his ability to create realistic and expressive figures. His sculptures often depicted mythological or allegorical scenes, and he was particularly adept at capturing movement and emotion in his work. Lambert-Sigisbert Adam died in 1759 in Paris, where he had moved to continue his work at the court of Louis XV. His legacy lives on through his numerous sculptures, many of which can still be seen in museums and public spaces throughout France.



1720 - 1730


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lambert sigisbert adam
lambert sigisbert adam