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Bulletin - United States National Museum (1940) (14597812428)


Bulletin - United States National Museum (1940) (14597812428)



Champsodon nudivittis syn. C. curtipes
Identifier: bulletinunitedst100141419401950unit (find matches)
Title: Bulletin - United States National Museum
Year: 1877 (1870s)
Authors: United States National Museum Smithsonian Institution United States. Dept. of the Interior
Subjects: Science
Publisher: Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, (etc.) for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt Print. Off.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
n 200 fathoms. August 9, 1909. No. 1960. Length170 mm. U.S.N.M. No. 99527. No data. No. 2511. Length 130 mm. (Named for the late Dr. Judson de Land, of Philadelphia, towhom I am indebted for American fishes.) NEW PHILIPPINE FISHES FOWLER 83 Family CHAMPSODONTIDAE Genus CHAMPSODON Gunther CHAMPSODON CURTIPES, new species Figure 21 Depth 4%; head 3, width 2. Snout Sy2 in head measured from snouttip, which is level with middle of eye; eye 5%, 1% in snout, 1TV ininterobital; maxillary reaches behind eye space about equal to V3 ofeye diameter, expansion iy8 in eye, length iy2 in head measured fromsnout tip; mouth well oblique, lower jaw well protruded in front andwith conic point directed forward at symphysis; teeth in narrowband above, with inner larger row of fangs, depressible inward;two rows of teeth below, inner long fangs and depressible; cluster offew teeth, depressible, variable, each side of vomer; on top of headtwo bony keels forming wide set pair as prefrontal, frontal, parietal
Text Appearing After Image:
Figure 21.—Champsodon curtipes, new species: Type (U.S.N.M. No. 99506). and occipital, last diverging to distinct suprascapular spine; edge ofgill opening with elements of preopercle, subopercle, and interopercleforming marginal series of short equidistant denticles; preoperclewith bent or crooked spine at angle, length iy5 in eye and three for-ward-directed spines along its lower edge; preorbital with three diver-gent short spines, first directed forward, median downward and lastbackward; two short postocular ridges. Gill rakers 1 + 11, lanceolate,subequal with gill filaments or 2 in eye. Scales all very small, irregular, closely set. On cranium, trunk,and tail transverse series of distinct lines of small scales, separated,about 30 such lines above, and on each side of body intersected by 2 84 BULLETIN 10 0, UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM parallel well-spaced lateral lines. On head row of large scales closeabove and along upper edge of maxillary, besides vertical row on pre-opercle





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bulletin united states national museum 1940
bulletin united states national museum 1940