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Book of heavenly teachings (1912) (14762806302)


Book of heavenly teachings (1912) (14762806302)



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Title: Book of heavenly teachings
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Baugh, R. P., 1839- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Spiritualism
Publisher: Dallas, Tex., Johnston printing & adv. co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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ircle. The Eternal, the whole of Nature.The fathomless from whence all things come, forevermore,with the deduction of a formulated past in recollection. In order to assist mortals more fully in a brief way, pass-ing this notice down the line of success, emanates the follow-ing diagram, as seen on the opposite page. That fulfills aportion of lifes procedure, that perpetuates time and space fornew discoveries, ruled by the most active forces of all things. Wisdom and success is our testimony, in brief, by thiswork, that comes by the Will of all Pure Divine. Forevershall it be wisdom and knowledge of Divine Powers to minorexpressions as the one now receiving word on terra this ourplanet earth; classified and stated in one absolute Nature, thatcradle many children in material forms on our orbs of solarplexus; that speed through space, in time majestically, to sys-tem, congenial to clime, participating in cause and effect ofthat so perfect to all, whose body Nature, is, and life, the soul.
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